My submissions to the 2017 International Photography Awards

In addition to my recent submissions to the Magnum Photography Awards and to the London Monovisions Black and White Photography Awards, I am now adding my participation in the 2017 International Photography Awards. In 2015, I won an IPA honorable mention for a photo of seaweed farmers in Bali. Two years later, I am trying my luck again with this picture of a giant spruce in British Columbia and with a series of five black and white photos of the majestic Wadi Rum desert of Jordan. The winners of these three competitions will be announced later towards the end of the summer.

En plus de mes participations récentes aux concours Magnum Photography Awards et Monovisions Black and White Photography Awards de Londres, voilà que j'ajoute ma participation à l'édition 2017 de l'International Photography Awards (IPA). En 2015, j'avais remporté une mention honorable de l'IPA pour une photo des cultivateurs d'algues à Bali. Deux ans plus tard, je tente à nouveau ma chance avec cette photo d'un épicéa géant prise en Colombie-Britannique et avec une série de cinq photos en noir et blanc du majestueux Wadi Rum de Jordanie. Les gagnants de ces trois concours seront annoncés plus tard vers la fin de l'été.

The Giant

While capturing video in British Columbia (Canada), my son Jeremie stood the pose at the foot of a giant. This giant spruce Sitca in Kitimat is more than 500 years old and one of the oldest living organism in the Northern Pacific Region.

Majestic Wadi Rum

In the majestic Wadi Rum, my wife and I have encountered the extraordinary bedouin tradition where lives evolve at the pace of the camels, tea cups, old 4x4 and tourist flow. In this immense landscape we can feel the silence and the stillness as if the time had stop at the time of the Nabatean people. We can even see the marks they left on these rocky walls…